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Skyroof Compact / Plus pergola  

Skyroof Compact and Skyroof Plus aluminium gazebo is another type of modern weather-resistant aluminum pergola with a 2-position lamella roof: fully closed and tilted. Skyroof Plus and Skyroof Compact bioclimatic pergolas create a perfect combination of functionality and style with their design and the latest technical solutions.

This line of bioclimatic pergolas is available in two sizes*:
Skyroof Compact – smaller construction intended for use in smaller spaces. Maximum width of single Skyroof Compact module - 350 cm, depth - 512 cm;
Skyroof Plus is a construction with larger dimensions, intended for use in large terraces and also for commercial purposes. Maximum width of single Skyroof Plus module - 450 cm, depth - 799 cm.

*The main construction elements (beams, support columns and profiles) of Skyroof Plus are in larger dimensions than Skyroof Compact.

In summer heat, the ability to tilt the roof lamellas gives Skyroof Plus/Compact pergola a huge advantage over pergolas with a non-bioclimatic roof. The tilted roof lamellas allow ventilation and cover your terrace from the sun at the same time, so you can comfortably enjoy the fresh air even on the hottest summer day. Tilted lamellas of Skyroof Plus/Compact pergola on colder days will let in natural sunlight.

Integrated lighting system creates a pleasant atmosphere in the terrace

Easy sunlight control by tilting lamellas
2 positions of roof: fully closed and tilted 
The roof of Skyroof Plus and Skyroof Compact pergolas is made of aluminum lamellas that can be tilted. You can control the level of light entering the pergola by changing the opening angle of lamellas. The different positions of the roof lamellas allow you to cover from unwanted sun and UV rays during the day and enjoy the fresh air at the same time. These are the most common lamella positions:

Visiškai uždarytas stogas

Completely closed

pravertas automatines terasos stogas

Slightly tilted – shadow on the terrace

pravertas stogas maksimali sviesa

Tilted – for the maximum light

120 lamelių kampas

Lamellas can be tilted at the maximum 120° angle in Skyroof Plus and Skyroof Compact. 
Cleanliness on the terrace
The curved shape of lamellas protects from leaves and other dirt accumulated on the roof to get inside when tilting the roof.

Švara terasoje

Drainage of rainwater
Water from the rain is drained to the front beam of the pergola, where it is carefully collected and carried down through the gutters integrated in the side columns.

Special patented gaskets on the roof profiles prevent rainwater from dripping from the edges of the roof.

Lietaus nuvedimo sistema

Heat and sound insulation
Due to the construction of the pergola and the special sealing, sound and heat insulation is ensured.

Extra option to choose - polyurethane foam-filled pergola roof lamellas to reduce the condensation.

Pergolų kondensato susidarymas

Lighting systems 
For Skyroof Plus you may choose LED lighting on the sides of the pergola or LED lighting elements on the lamellas. For Skyroof Compact pergola LED lighting on the sides of the construction is available.

There is an option to choose RGB LED lighting elements that can be controlled by a light regulator (dimmer). The color and intensity of their lighting can be adjusted according to your wish.

rgb led pergola apsvietimas
Apšvietimas LED

Technical data
Single-module pergola dimensions of Skyroof compact: maximum width 350 cm, maximum depth: 512 cm
Single-module pergola dimensions of Skyroof Prestige: maximum width: 450 cm, maximum depth: 799 cm

Aluminum profile dimensions of the construction:
Skyroof Compact pergola - 15x15 cm; 23,5x14,6 cm;
Skyroof Plus pergola- 12x12 cm; 19,5x11,6 cm.

Width of the roof lamellas:
Skyroof Compact pergola – 20,43 cm;
Skyroof Plus pergola – 21,56 cm.

Dimensions of Skyroof Compact pergola aluminum profile and lamellas:

Compact konstrukcijos matmenys centimetrais

Compact pergolės lamelių matmenys

Compact konstrukcijų matmenys pergolėms

Dimensions of Skyroof Plus pergola aluminum profile and lamellas:

Plus pergolės konstrukcijos matmenys

Lamelės matmenys plus pergolės

Plus konstrukcijų matmenys pergoloms

Maximum snow load:
Skyroof Compact pergola – 203 kg;
Skyroof Plus pergola – 336 kg.
Wide selection of RAL shades available upon your choice. The most popular RAL colors are these:

ral pallete colors pergola