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Bioclimatic pergolas

Bioclimatic pergola is an innovative patio covering that uses advanced technology to optimize and enhance your outdoor living space experience. It is made of a robust aluminum construction and louvered roof that provides optimal protection from the elements.

A unique feature of terrace pergola is a roof system with aluminum lamellae that can be fully opened, closed or tilted to the desired angle. It gives you a full control of the amount of sunlight and fresh air that enters inside the pergola.

Bioclimatic pergolas also feature operable side windows that will not only expand the outdoor area but also prolong the summer season and use of the terrace in restaurants, hotels and private homes alike.

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Why choose a bioclimatic pergola?

Bioclimatic pergola is designed to make use of as many natural factors as possible to create a pleasant microclimate in your terrace, such as utilizing passive ventilation and reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Bioclimatic pergola is waterproof

All of our bioclimatic pergola roofs have a slight slope which allows all rain water to be drained through the grooves in the lamellae to the front beam and then led downwards through the supporting posts. Even with the roof slightly open (up to 5°) rain water does not enter inside the pergola. However, it will allow fresh air in even when the windows are closed. 

bioklimatinė pergolė nepralaidi vandeniui

Sealed roof

sandarus pergolės stogas lamelės

The lamellae used in bioclimatic pergolas are made of hollow extruded aluminum that is durable and resistant to environmental factors. The patented rubber gasket integrated in every slat ensures that rain does not penetrate the roof. At the same time, the gasket minimizes noise from the wind.

Pergola wall coverings
Covering the sides of your pergola will allow you to enjoy summer season considerably longer.
To protect yourself from wind and cold air you can choose from or combine the following options:
• innovative system of vertically opening windows;
• sliding glass system;
• roller blinds;
• traditional windscreens
Additionally, you can protect the terrace from insects by installing insect screens.

pergolu sienu uzdengimas

Bioclimatic pergolas can be self-supporting or mounted on the wall

This type of modular bioclimatic pergola can be self-supporting or mounted on the wall of a building. Therefore, you can plan your pergola in any space.                 

modulinis montavimas prie sienos

pavesines modulinis montavimas kieme

Connecting modules
The bioclimatic pergolas that we offer are of a modular type - they can be mounted by connecting several modules. The modules can be connected in several ways. Here are some of the most popular module combinations:

modulis pergoles

pailgas jungimo modulis pergolai

modulis pavesines 2

Motorized roof
Bioclimatic pergola roof lamellae are fitted with modern electric motors. You can operate them (open, close or slightly open) with a wall switch, remote control, smartphone or a tablet.

For the ultimate level of comfort we offer programmable automatic control which means that pergola is operated automatically depending on weather conditions with the help of smart solar, wind and rain sensors.

The lamellae will get automatically adjusted as the sun changes its position throughout the day and close completely if it starts to rain, so you never have to worry about outdoor furniture getting soaked.

Read more about pergola automation here. 

pulteliai automatika

Silent and reliable motor
Pergola is operated by a completely silent low-visibility 24 V motor that is mounted between lamellae and the main construction.

24v variklis automatine pavesine

LED lighting systems
You can choose from two types of lighting for your bioclimatic pergola: a LED bar on the sides of the pergola frame or LED lighting elements on the slats themselves.
Such LED elements will illuminate the entire roof, create a pleasant ambience and provide enough light in the dark.
You can also opt for dimmer-controlled side RGB LED elements and adjust the color and intensity of your lighting according to your mood.

aerolux led apsvietimas

Terrace heaters
For those who wish to use their walled pergola all year round we recommend installing infrared patio heaters. 
Terrace heaters are ideal for both private and commercial spaces such as cafes, hotels and restaurants. The heaters will extend the season of outdoor cafes and restaurants and thus increase the flow of customers and revenue.

Read more about patio heaters here.
We can perform an evaluation and consult you on different types of pergolas to best suit your needs. Send us an inquiry or call +370 640 12345 to receive an individual offer! 
We offer 5 types of bioclimatic pergolas:
Aerolux - a state-of-the-art weather-resistant bioclimatic pergola featuring roof lamellae that can be rotated as well as fully retracted to the side (comparable to pulling up sun blinds);
• Exxen – high-end modular custom built pergola system that can be applied for extremely large areas. The advanced technology and the scissors-style louvre opening system enables you to perform both shadow and airflow control by retracting the panels;
• Skyroof Prestige – innovative and weather-resistant bioclimatic pergola with a sense of comfort. Due to the special technology and synchronised movement of the panels, the retractable roof of Skyroof prestige provides an open space even up to 79% of the total covered area;
• Skyroof Plus / Skyroof Compact - weather-resistant bioclimatic pergola that contains a motorized roof of tilting aluminium panels. The revolutionary design allows the panels to rotate at any angle up to 120 degrees in a seamless manner;
Solid - a weather-resistant pergola designed for larger spaces that is made of aluminum structures. Lamellae in the roof can be shut or opened to the desired angle.

aerolux klimatine pergole

climatic pergolos kaina

solid pergole kainos

Comparison of all 5 types of bioclimatic pergolas:

bioclimatic pergolas parameters terrace

We have completed more than 200 pergola projects

Our company was one of the first to introduce modern aluminum pergolas to the Baltic countries. Our experience over the years and cooperation with the leading European pergola manufacturers allows us to guarantee top-quality products and the most advanced technology.
Currently, we have installed more than 200 pergolas in Lithuania and Latvia.
Click here to check our installed pergolas gallery:

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We can perform an evaluation and consult you on different types of pergolas. Send us an inquiry or call +370 640 12345 to receive an individual offer!
Advantages of a bioclimatic pergola

Maximized outdoor space

Pergola with side panels and glass systems ensure complete protection from the bad weather conditions

Optimal comfort

Smartphone or remote control operated pergola roof, wall covers, lighting and heating

Ventilation and temperature control

Retractable roof and rotating slats shield from direct sunlight while enabling natural circulation of air

2 year warranty

We offer a 2 year warranty for the pergola construction, fabric and automation systems

Modern appeal and innovation

Smart sun, wind and rain sensors as well as roof and window automation uses advanced technology and innovation

More time outside

Extend the outdoor season from early rays of spring to late autumn with patio heaters