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Terrace side panels

We offer a number of terrace side panel options to protect from wind, rain, insects or nosy neighbors: outdoor roller blinds, pleated insect screens and vertical awnings.

uzsklanda pvc skaidri uzdanga

Transparent PVC roller blinds will allow you to enjoy your time in the pergola protected from wind but still able to enjoy the view outside.

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Outdoor roller blinds offer a great protection from direct sunlight during hot summer days. They are also resistant to rain, snow and harmful UV rays.



Pleated mosquito screens protect the terrace from mosquitoes, flies and other insects. They are easy to slide to the side when not in use and are almost invisible.

uzdanga nuo vejo lietaus vertikali markize

For terraces and pergolas in windy areas or with too much direct sunlight we offer a weather-resistant roll-up side panel against sun and wind.


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