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SOMFY terrace automation

We use high quality engines and automation systems for pergola roofs, windows and outdoor blinds from a French manufacturer SOMFY.

You can operate the roof, windows and blinds with a switch and / or remote control. We offer one, five or sixteen channel remote controls (the number of channels indicates the number of programmable commands; for example, when you select the Channel 1, you can close or open the assigned device, and if you select 5 channels, you can program 5 different commands: for example, you can close the roof with one click and close the windows with another).

When retractable pergolas are equipped with several motorized devices (for example roof + clear windscreen), we recommend choosing remote control with more than 1 channel.

If you are looking for premium comfort we recommend installation of solar, wind, temperature or vibration sensors. Thanks to these sensors the windows, roof or outdoor blinds of your pergola will automatically open or close in line with any changes in weather conditions.

You can also choose to operate the roof, windows and lighting of your pergola with an app on your smartphone or computer.

somfy automatika pergolos

Automated pergola control

  Wall switch Smoove RTS

jungiklio valdymo spalvos

1 channel remote control Situo 1 RTS

nuotolinio valdymo pultelis situo 1

5 channel remote control Situo 5 RS

nuotolinio valdymo pultelis situo 1

16 channel remote control Telis 16 RTS 

16 kanalu pultelis automatinis valdymas

6 channel programmable remote control with timer Telis Chronis RTS 

16 kanalu pultelis automatinis valdymas

The connected terrace environment TaHoma

tahoma ismanus namai valdymo blokas

TaHoma Smart Home system offers a smart way to control all automated terrace devices. It allows you to connect separate motorized pergola parts together and use one remote control for the roof and wall coverings and program in wanted actions.
TaHoma Smart Home system requires Internet connection, while devices connected to it are controlled with remote control or a smartphone app.
The system allows you to program a number of wanted actions. For example, you can set up an evening mode that will automatically close the roof, side coverings, and switch on the lighting when selected.
You can also perform the above actions using the app on your phone when you are away from your home. For example, you can open the roof if it is warm outside and you want to have your pergola cooled when you return.

Automation scheme

somfy veikimo mechanizmas

Receiver connections

imtuvo jungtys automatika

Motorized terrace automation solutions

Remote control (1 channel)

1 kanalo pultelis

Remote control (5 channels)

5 kanalu pultelis

Smart sensors
Wirefree sun and wind sensor


Belaidis Wirefree sun sensor


Lighting Outdoor RTS
Remote lighting receiver

nuotolinis apsvietimo valdiklis

Ondeis 230 VAC 
Rain sensor  

lietaus jutiklis automatine pergola

Heating ramp SOMFY RAMP RTS
For those seeking premium level of comfort we recommend SOMFY RAMP RTS heating ramps. These heaters can be integrated to the TaHoma control system and operated with remote control, smartphone or computer together with the other pergola automation solutions.

somfy ramp rts sildytuvai terasai

• Operated from distance with remote control
• Can be mounted directly to pergola frame
• Option to return to your favorite heating setting in one click
• Feeling of heat similar to that of the sun
• 2000 W (one ramp covers an area of 16 m2)
• Pivoting ramp fixing: direct the heat where it is needed

somfy sildytuvas efektyvamas terasose

Heat efficiency: 

• 92% of electricity used is converted to heat (gas ramps convert only 30%)
• There is no warm-up phase - the heater works at full capacity at once
• Radiant heating - warmth directed at you, not the air around you
• Regulate the power of heat from 33% to 100%

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