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Sliding glass wall systems

The sliding framed glass wall system is a convenient and simple solution to cover the sides of your terrace or pergola. This glass system is easy to install and easy to operate, and is suitable to all types of pergolas, patios and pavilions.
The framed sliding glass system makes it easy to stack all glass panels to either side of the terrace so you can enjoy an open terrace or close it when the weather gets cool.

stumdomi stiklai terasa pergola

reminis stiklinimas pavesine pergole

Opening options

You can choose from a few different set ups for opening your sliding glass wall. The glass panels can be moved in both directions - from left to right or from right to left. Another option is to move it from the sides toward the center.


3 track system: (two systems can be combined for a 6 glass partition)

stiklinimo sistema 3 begeliu

4 track system: (two systems can be combined for a 8 glass partition)

istiklinimas 4 begeliu

5 track system: (two systems can be combined for a 10 glass partition)

terasos istiklinimas 10 pertvaru

Single or double glazing
You can choose from a single (10 mm thick) or double (5 mm thick glass + 12 mm air gap + 5 mm thick glass) glazing. The double-glazed unit has better thermal insulation properties, i.e. pergola with closed up walls will heat up less on hot summer days but stay warm longer in autumn. It also provides better sound insulation. Double glazing is available with a 4 track system. 

Sliding glass pergola system technical specifications

• One rail system withstands a load of up to 100 kg
• Maximum size of one framed glass panel: width 1.2 m, height 3 m
• The glass panels can be moved separately or connected together
• Glass frames can be anodized or covered with wood imitation

• Selection of opac, dark green, blue, bronze colored, transparent and mirror glass
• Highly transparent glass with insulating properties that can be laminated or tempered 
• The glass system profiles are made of high quality aluminum that is light, durable and resistant to corrosion
• You can choose a desired color for glass frames and aluminum profiles - you can match the color of the framed glass system with the color of the pergola construction itself


Benefits of a framed sliding glass system

• An additional steel track cover enables the glass panels move easily between each other, increases the lifetime of the track system and protects the tracks themselves from environmental conditions such as rain or snow.
• Thanks to its special design, rainwater does not get inside the system and is drained through the lower tracks
• The windows are resistant to strong winds due to the tracks on both sides
• The lock system protects against break-ins
• The lower part of the glass wall system is covered with steel. It ensures that the system is robust, reduces friction and provides structural stability during strong winds or frequent use of the sliding glass system.


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