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Outdoor roller blinds

Outdoor roller blinds are a suitable for private apartments and homes as well as industrial or commercial buildings. It is a functional and practical solution for maintaining optimal room temperature and protecting from direct sun.

Outdoor roller blinds are also ideal for pergolas. With the blinds rolled down you will be able to relax in the pergola without unwanted direct sunlight. These outdoor blinds are resistant to rain, snow and at the same time protect you from harmful UV rays.

You can choose from a wide range of outdoor roller blind fabrics: from virtually transparent to fully sun blocking (blackout) materials. Due to the variety of roller blind structures and fabrics, the roller blinds can be made to fit pergolas of any shapes and sizes.

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Outdoor roller blind technical specifications

• You can control roller blinds manually (with a handle or chord), with a wall switch or remote control
• Profiles are made of high quality aluminum
• The outdoor roller blind mechanism can be colored in any color from RAL color chart
• Maximum width: up to 4.5 m
• Maximum height: up to 5 m
• Installation: both from the inside and outside


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Outdoor roller blind fabrics
Openness factor is the percentage of visibility through the fabric of an outdoor roller blind (the indicator depends on the fabric yarn weaving method rather than its color).
The higher the value of the factor, the less permeable to the sun the fabric is.

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The catalog photos below are just a visual tool. Depending on the color of the monitor and the fabrics themselves, their texture may vary slightly in reality. We kindly invite you to visit one of Lauresta showrooms and choose your favorite fabric directly from the fabric samples catalog.
Polyscreen fabrics
Polyscreen is a PVC-coated polyester fabric with a variety of weaving patterns and technical characteristics (different types include PS Luminous, PS 550, PS 350). You can choose from a number of colors and easily match your outdoor blinds to your home or pergola color scheme. Due to the technical properties of the fabrics you will enjoy the optimal temperature inside the pergola, and the maintenance of the roller blinds will be extremely easy.

POLYSCREEN 550 - openness factor 5%

polyscreen audiniai

POLYSCREEN 350 - openness factor 5%

screen 350 lauko roletai

POLYSCREEN LUMINIOUS - openness factor 6-11%

polyscreen luminious

POLYSCREEN COUPAGE 550 - openness factor 5%

coupage audiniai

Blackout fabrics
Blackout fabrics are fully dense, high quality light-blocking fabrics with a barely visible gloss. They are extremely effective at blocking any excess light, making your indoor space pitch black and creating a relaxing space for rest.

BLACKOUT - openness factor 0%

blackout roletai

Serge fabrics
Fabrics in the Serge collection are made of fiberglass fabric covered with PVC. The fabrics in this collection have a special diagonal weave pattern that ensures the fabric is firm and extremely durable. These fabrics protect the indoor space from heating up and are also fire resistant.

SERGE 600 - openness factor 5%

serge 600 audinys

SERGE 100 - openness factor 1%

serge 100

Sunworker fabrics
Sunworker is a smooth-surfaced polyester fabric lined with PVC. This fabric has a unique structure that effectively blocks out the heat of the sun and at the same time ensures that the optimal amount of light goes through for a pleasant pergola experience. Other advantages of this fabric include resistance to fading, stretching and easy maintenance.

SUNWORKER - openness factor 6%

sunworker medziagos

Soltis fabrics
Soltis is a durable polyester fabric manufactured with patented technology and covered with PVC. Special production technology ensures high fabric stability and prevents deformation when installed even on extremely large areas. And thanks to the smooth surface of the fabric, dirt does not stick to this fabric.

SOLTIS 92 - openness factor 4%

soltis 92 isores roletu

SOLTIS 99 - openness factor 3%

audinys soltis 99 roletams

Veroglim acoustic fabrics
Veroglim acoustic is an elegant fabric made of high quality non-flammable polyester. Due to its light weight, this fabric is suitable not only for open, but also for cassette roller blind systems. Another advantage of this fabric is its acoustic properties. Due to its structure, the fabric absorbs sound and ensures that almost no one will hear you inside the pergola. The surface of this fabric is metallic so it also reflects sunlight and provides a comfortable temperature in the pergola.

VEROGLIM ACOUSTIC - openness factor 1%

veroglim acoustic isoriniai

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