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Aluminium Pergola Exxen – world’s largest bioclimatic pergola

Exxen is a high-end modular custom built bioclimatic pergola system that can be applied for extremely large areas. The advanced technology and the scissors-style louvre opening system enables you to perform both shadow and airflow control by retracting the panels. Panels cover approx. 23% of the area when retracted.

Exxen pergola stands out for its unique modular design, which enables us to offer the largest pergola width in the world - up to 700 cm wide. Exxen's technical features allow this pergola to be adapted to various types of large private terraces as well as commercial spaces, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, outdoor swimming pools, etc.

Exxen gives you even more ways to enjoy your terrace thanks to its extra functionality of the sliding roof. When the weather is fresh you can retract the roof to the side and enjoy the open sky.

The maximum projection of a single module Exxen bioclimatic pergola is 800 cm. It is also possible to connect several modules together. If the pergola is wider than 450 cm, an additional beam must be installed to the construction of the roof.

Maximum dimensions of Exxen pergola 
(without an extra beam in the roof)

Width: 120 - 450 cm
Projection: 129 - 804 cm*
Height: <300 cm

Maximum dimensions of Exxen pergola (with extra beam in the roof)

Width: 450 - 700 cm
Projection: 129 - 604 cm
Height: <300 cm

*When pergola projection is more than 654 cm, extra pillars must be installed.

Installation to the wall of the building or free-standing
Bioclimatic pergola Exxen can be either installed to the wall of the building or be self-supporting and stand independently.

LED lighting 
You may choose between different pergola lighting systems: 

bioclimatic pergolas roof lighting led strip lamps rgb lights pergolas

White colour LED lighting (cold or warm, controlled by a dimmer)

Color RGB LED lighting

There is an option to install both lighting systems together.
Sound and heat insulation
To strengthen the thermal insulation of pergola’s roof, we suggest choosing of the lamellas filled with polyurethane foam (instead of the regular hollow lamellas). This would result in the roof to heat up less in the summertime and help to retain more warmth inside the pergola in colder seasons. Such choice will also help reduce condensation and reduce the sound of the rain.

The rubber gaskets integrated at the edges of the aluminum lamellas protect pergola roof against rain water leak and help to reduce noise.

3 adjustable roof positions: open, closed and slightly open
Bioclimatic roof of Exxen pergola consists of aluminum lamellas that can be tilted or retracted. The amount of sunlight entering the pergola can be easily controlled by changing the opening angle of the panels.

These are the common roof positions of Exxen pergola:

Open roof – panels fully retracted

Natural ventilation and letting the sunlight inside pergola

Natural ventilation and blocking the sunlight inside pergola

Pergola roof fully closed - protection from sun and precipitation (rain and snow)

It is possible to install an additional profile on the sides of the pergola roof, which will hide the retracted lamellas so they would be invisible from the side:
With extra profile cover

Without extra profile cover

Drainage of rainwater
Water from the rain is drained to the front beam of the Exxen pergola, where it is carefully collected and carried down through the gutters integrated in the side columns. Special patented gaskets on the roof profiles prevent rainwater from dripping from the edges of the roof.

Rainwater drainage options inside the support columns:

Lamella direction
The directions of installing roof lamella available:
Parallel to the wall

Perpendicular to the wall

Installation options for pergola support columns
Exxen pergola support columns can be installed in different ways:
Standard (hidden)


Thickness 10 mm
Flange cover

Thickness 15 mm
Pergola side covers
You can keep your pergola sides open, or you can decide to cover them to help protect against wind and cold. Types of side covering available:
  • automatic vertically sliding glass system;
  • side sliding glass system;
  • stationary glass;
  • external roller blinds.

You can choose one of the options for covering the sides of the pergola or combine several types together.
Insect screens will help protect the terrace from annoying mosquitoes.

Technical data of Exxen aluminium pergola

  • Single-module dimensions: width: 120-450 cm, depth: 129-804 cm
  • Sigle-module dimensions (when additional beam in the roof is installed): width: 450-700 cm, depth: 129-604 cm
  • Maximum height of pergola: 300 cm
  • Pergola roof panels can be tilted up to 70 degrees
  • Approx. 23% of the roof area is covered when lamellas retracted
  • Smart sensors of wind, rain and sunlight are available for automated control of pergola
  • Lighting systems available: dimmer-controlled white LED light (cold white, 60 LEDs/m I +5100-6500K I 1130 lumens/m; warm white, 120 LEDs/m I +2800-3500K I 1094 lumens/m) and / or colored RGB LED strip (~96 LEDs/m)
  • Top quality gaskets are used at the joints of metal profiles to protect the structure from precipitation and draft
  • To ensure the durability of the pergola construction itself, only stainless-steel fastening elements (screws etc.) are used.
  • The product complies with CE, ISO 9001, ISO 1400 and NVA standards
  • The roof panels must be completely closed if the wind exceeds 28 m/s. Wind resistance rating according to the Beaufort scale: 10
  • Water discharge parameters: 155 l/h/m² for less than 2 min.
  • Wide selection of RAL shades available upon your choice. The most popular RAL colors are these:

ral pallete colors pergola

We offer individual evaluations and consult on different types of pergolas to help you choose the right one for your needs. Send us an inquiry or call +370 640 12345 for an individual offer.
What are the advantages of a pergola?

Max. outdoor space

Pergola with side panels and glass systems ensure complete protection from the bad weather conditions

Optimal comfort

Smartphone or remote control operated pergola roof, wall covers, lighting and heating

2 year warranty

We offer a 2 year warranty for the pergola construction, fabric and automation systems

Ventilation and temperature control

Retractable roof and rotating slats shield from direct sunlight while enabling natural circulation of air

Modern appeal and innovation

Smart sun, wind and rain sensors as well as roof and window automation uses advanced technology and innovation

More time outside

Extend the outdoor season from early rays of spring to late autumn with patio heaters