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Pergola lighting

We offer a number of different LED lighting types that will illuminate your terrace or patio and give your pergola a stylish look. Depending on the type of pergola, it is possible to install LED strips on the sides of the construction or LED spotlights in the roof or lamellae. 

The intensity of light can be adjusted with a remote control and in some models we can install a dimmer, which will help you change the strength of the light as well as its color to create the kind of ambience that you

Pergola lighting technical specifications

• LED strips or LED spotlights
• Separately mounted lights can have 45 or 90 degree beam angles
• Color temperature: up to 3200 K
• Brightness: up to 1250 lm

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Unsure what kind of lighting would fit your pergola? We are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the most suitable lighting solution for your needs.

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