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Terrace heaters

For those who wish to enjoy their terrace all year round we offer a range of patio heaters. Heaters are ideal for private as well as commercial outdoor patios in cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Our commercial clients confirm that due to pergola glass walls and heating systems the use of restaurant / cafe outdoor terrace spaces is prolonged substantially.

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Infrared heater advantages

- Significantly more effective than a regular heater because it heats the human body directly rather than warming the whole environment and the heat released is not lost due to wind;
- Thermal power reaches 1.5-2 kW, one heater can heat up an area of up to 20 square meters;
- Takes no time to heat up - it radiates maximum heat just 1 second after being switched on;
- Consumes up to 60% less energy compared to other heating methods;
- Lightweight, can be hung on the wall or placed on the ground with a special stand;
- Can be operated by a remote control.


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• Operated from distance with remote control
• Can be mounted directly to pergola frame or a stand
• Option to return to your favorite heating settings in one click
• Feeling of heat similar to that of the sun
• 2000 W (one ramp covers an area of 16 square meters)
• Pivoting ramp fixing: direct the heat where it is needed

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Heat efficiency :

• 92% Heat efficiency:
• 92% of electricity used is converted to heat (gas ramps convert only 30%)
• There is no warm-up phase - the heater works at full capacity at once
• Radiant heating - warmth directed at you, not the air around you
• Regulate the power of heat from 33% to 100%

Infrared heaters HELIOSA

• Power: 1500 W

• Mounting height: 2-2,3 m

• Heating area: 12-15 sq m

• Measurements: 45.5x13x19 cm

• Weight: 1kg

• Snow and rain resistance: IPX5

• Colors: white or dark grey

heliosa 11 pergolose

• Power: 1500 W

• Mounting height: 2,5-2,8 m

• Heating area: 15-20 sq m

• Measurements: 46.5x14x22 cm

• Weight: 1,9 kg

• Snow and rain resistance: IPX5

• Colors: White or dark grey

heliosa 55 pergoles sildymas

• Power: 1500 W

• Mounting height: 2,5-2,8 m

• Heating area: up to 20 sq m

• Measurements: 51x16x21,5 cm

• Weight: 2,1 kg

• Snow and rain resistance: IPX5

• Colors: white or dark grey

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