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Pleated mosquito screens

Protective window and door insect screens are by far the most functional solution to protect your home and terrace from mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Modern insect screens are convenient, 100 percent effective and almost invisible.

Mosquito screens can be produced in different shapes to fit different types of doors and windows. The screens do not interfere with the regular use of doors or pergola wall systems.

Pleated screens are a modern solution that effectively protects the pergola and patio not only from mosquitoes and other insects but also from dust and allergens, and only allows fresh air inside. Modern insect screens are almost invisible and therefore do not obscure the view outside.

The insect screens are easy to use - they open and close easily with a light push to the side. When the screen is not needed, it collapses nicely to one side and does not take up much space.
The threshold in this system is extremely low and almost unnoticeable - up to 4 mm. This makes the pleated insect screen especially safe for children not only because of the low threshold but also because the system does not use a tensioned spring. If the grid is accidentally pushed out of the rails, it will easily return to its place again.

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The insect screens are made to fit dimensions of the pergola and are suitable for both private use and hotels, cafes, bars.
Our customers have noticed that insect screens perform well in other functions. They protect against mild rain, so you do not need to worry about water entering the pergola if the window or door is left open.
The screen itself is made of weather-resistant glass fiber that is coated with PVC. The screen mesh is ultra-thin and gray in color, it is almost invisible and does not darken the indoor space. Monolithic aluminum profiles are powder coated and therefore resistant to corrosion.

Insect screens technical specifications

• Maximum height: 275 cm
• Maximum width: 250 cm
• Profile width: 22 mm
• Threshold: 4 mm
To cover a larger area, mosquito nets can be connected in a common chain. The number of profiles is unlimited.

The standard colors of pleated insect screen profiles are white, brown, anthracite and wood imitation (cherry or golden oak).


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