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Vertical sliding glass system Panorama

PANORAMA is an automated vertical sliding glass system operated with a wall switch or remote control. It is well suited not only for pergolas, but also for terraces, verandas, balconies and other residential or commercial spaces. Panorama glass system is visually appealing and fits in beautifully with the terrace and facade of any building.



Benefits of a vertical sliding glass system: 

- The upper glass section slides downwards when opening it and forms a transparent glass fence at the bottom
- Extra wide glass panels and a narrow frame construction allow you to enjoy a wide angle view outside
- Automated operation of glass panels is convenient and completely silent
- Vertical sliding glass system allows you to optimize and furnish the whole terrace space
- There is no noisy vibration from strong winds even when the glass wall is wide (up to 400 cm)
- Choose a glass wall system that suits your individual needs: select the desired glass and aluminum frame color, number of panels and their height.


Functional design
Choose your favorite shape of support :

dizainas stiklinimo profiliams tiesus

Flat support

apvalintos formos atrama

Rounded support 
Rounded support shape makes it difficult to leave items on it which protects from potential breaking .

apvalintos formos atramos

Even with different heights of the glass panels, a special profile keeps them at the same height when opened.


fiksuotas stiklinimas pergolai aukstis

Construction options
You can choose the number and dimensions of glass panels:

1+1 konstrukcija terasos stiklinimas

1+1: maximum width 400 cm, height up to 240 cm

1+2 terasos stiklinimo schema

1+2: maximum width 360 cm, height up to 360 cm                

1+3 konstukcijos schema pergoles stiklinimui

1+3: maximum width 360 cm, height up to 360 cm                
With all options the lower glass is fixed.

panorama konstrukcija apatinis stiklas pergola

Aluminum profiles and glass
The glass wall system structures are made with high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum.  You can choose from a variety of colors for anodized aluminum profiles or wood imitation. You can also choose the type of glass: fully transparent, colored (OPAC palette), tinted (green, blue, bronze), and mirror glass. 

Other technical specification

panorama techinės savybės

• The 3.5 mm insulating tape integrated in the upper profile ensures it is airtight and reduces the noise of operating the system to 30-35 dB
• EPDM gaskets integrated in the upper profile makes it fully hermetic
• Individual glass sheets can be easily replaced without disassembling the entire system
• Several Panorama glass wall systems can be connected without the need for additional support posts
• The vertical sliding glass walls are operated using highest quality Somfy engines
• A high quality chain ensures a safe and accurate operation of the system
• The glass is hermetically sealed with the aluminum profile using special glue that is impermeable to moisture

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