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Skyroof Prestige - retractable louvered pergola

Akcija prestige pergolėms Akcija prestige pergolėms
Prestige bioklimatinėms pergolėms akcija Prestige bioklimatinėms pergolėms akcija
Nuolaida prestige bioklimatinei pergolai Nuolaida prestige bioklimatinei pergolai
Kavinėje prestige bioklimatinė pergola kaina Kavinėje prestige bioklimatinė pergola kaina
Gera kaina prestige pergole Gera kaina prestige pergole
Prestige pergola pigiau Prestige pergola pigiau
Bioklimatinė pergola prestige pigiau Bioklimatinė pergola prestige pigiau
Akcija prestige pergolei kavinėms Akcija prestige pergolei kavinėms
Prestige bioklimatinė pergola akcija Prestige bioklimatinė pergola akcija
Prestige bioklimatinė pergola gera kaina Prestige bioklimatinė pergola gera kaina
Skyroof Prestige is one of the most modern and universal bioclimatic louvered pergolas. The motorised roof consists of aluminum panels that can be both rotated and retracted and is perfect choice in all weather conditions. 
Skyroof Prestige is a perfect bioclimatic pergola option for a modern terrace that provides luxury and exclusivity and allows you to enjoy summer for an extended period.

Pergolos stogas prestige

The roof of Skyroof Prestige pergola has 3 positions:
• Retracted – you may move the slats away and open up to 79% of the roof to enjoy good weather; 
• Ventilation mode – you may rotate the aluminium panels to the desired angle and feel the fresh air; 
• Closed – for bad weather or whenever you like.

Skyroof Prestige pergola - the main advantages advantages

zirkline bioklimatine pergola

The roof of Skyroof Prestige consists of aluminium panels that can be both rotated and retracted

pergole - integruotas apsvietimas

Integrated lighting system creates a pleasant atmosphere in the terrace

bioklimatine pergola vedinimo funkcija

Desired ventilation can be easily regulated by tilting the slats
The desired position of the roof panels can be easily adjusted

Pergolų stogo pozicijos

Cleanliness on the terrace

The curved shape of lamellas protects from leaves and other dirt accumulated on the roof to get inside when tilting the roof. 

Švara terasoje

Drainage of rainwater

Water from the rain is drained to the front beam of the Skyroof Prestige pergola, where it is carefully collected and carried down through the gutters integrated in the side columns.

Special patented gaskets on the roof profiles prevent rainwater from dripping from the edges of the roof.

Lietaus nuvedimo sistema

Sound and heat insulation

Due to the construction of the louvered pergola and the special sealing, sound and heat insulation is ensured. 

Garso ir šilumos izoliacija pergoloms

Extra option to choose - polyurethane foam-filled pergola roof lamellas to reduce the condensation.

Kondensato susidarymas pegolos stoge

Lighting systems of louvered pergola Prestige

You may choose LED lighting on the sides of louvered pergola or RGB LED lighting elements that can be controlled by a light regulator (dimmer). The color and intensity of their lighting can be adjusted according to your wish.

Prestige bioklimatinė pergola akcija

Skyroof Prestige bioclimatic retractable pergola technical specifications

Single module dimensions: width: max 400 cm, length: max 694 cm
Dimensions for the aluminium profiles used: 15x15 cm; 23,5x14,6 cm.
Roof lamella dimensions: 31,54x5,77 cm.

Stogo lamelių matmenys prestige

High-quality rubber-lined gaskets are used to protect the construction from precipitation.
Retracted panels of the roof cover 21% of the area at one side.
Maximum snow load: 268 kg

Wide selection of RAL shades available according to the choice. The most popular RAL colours: 


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Advantages of a bioclimatic louvered pergola

Max. outdoor space

Side panels and glass systems ensure complete protection from the bad weather conditions

Optimal comfort

Smartphone or remote control operated pergola roof, wall covers, lighting and heating

2 year warranty

We offer a 2 year warranty for the pergola construction, fabric and automation systems

Ventilation and temperature control

Retractable roof and rotating slats shield from direct sunlight while enabling natural circulation of air

More time outside

Extend the outdoor season from early rays of spring to late autumn with patio heaters

Modern appeal and innovation

Smart sun, wind and rain sensors as well as roof and window automation uses advanced technology and innovation