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Glass wall systems

Stiklinimo sistemos – Pergola glass wall systems are a simple and functional solution to cover the sides of your terrace. Installing a glass wall system you will be enable you to use your private or commercial or outdoor space throughout the whole year. It offers a complete protection from wind and rain while allowing you to enjoy the view through a clear glass.

panorama stiklinimo sistema

PANORAMA is an automated vertically sliding glass system controlled with a wall switch and / or remote control. This system is widely used in various residential or commercial spaces.


reminis istiklinimas terasa lauresta

With this system you can easily slide the glass walls to either side of the pergola – it is especially useful in hot weather as you can stack the glass walls to one side and enjoy relaxing in an open sided terrace.


terasos istiklinimas atidaroma

With this system you can easily stack all glass panels to one side of the pergola and enjoy natural air circulation inside the terrace.


fiksuotas_stiklinimas pavesines

Fixed (non-opening) glass walls are an economical solution for covering pergola sides. We recommend installing 1-2 fixed glass walls and equip the rest of the walls with a sliding glass system.


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