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Awning fabrics collection

Our awning fabric selection features a variety of different colors and patterns: from bright to soft shades, from striped to monochrome fabrics. You can also choose between regular acrylic or specialized waterproof fabrics.

Waterproof fabrics are covered with a durable protective coating that prevents water from penetrating the fabric. While acrylic fabrics are also impregnated, the layer is thinner and can only resist light rain. For commercial spaces (hotels, cafes and restaurants) we recommend choosing waterproof fabrics.

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Acrylic fabrics are made of high-quality acrylic fiber that is resistant to stretching and tearing. These fabrics are painted with high-quality paint that keeps the colors looking fresh longer. A special TEFLON® or SCOTCHGARD ™ coating protects against light rain (water resistance: 330 mm) and deflects dirt. In addition, these fabrics block harmful UV rays.

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Waterproof awning fabrics feature significantly higher water resistance properties of 1000 mm (when the value is more than 800 mm a fabric can be termed watertight). The woven structure of the fabric along with modern impregnation technology also ensures high air permeability of the fabric. Our waterproof awning fabrics are non toxic and Oeko-Tex® certified, which is a standard ensuring human and environmental safety of textile products in all stages of production.

Awning fabrics - terminology

• REPEAT - pattern repetition on the fabric, expressed in centimeters next to the fabric

• UV - the percentage of UV rays blocked by the fabric

• Gtot - the index of solar transmittance through fabric (the closer to 0, the better a fabric is at reducing solar energy and protecting against heat)

Awning fabrics - technical properties


Awning fabrics catalog

The photos in our online catalog should be used for reference only. In reality the shade and texture of fabrics may vary slightly. We kindly invite you to visit one of Lauresta’s showrooms and select your favorite awning fabric from a catalog containing fabric samples.

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